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Catherine Morris BA, JD, LLM

Catherine Morris Catherine Morris's preferred areas of practice are conflict assessment and advice, impartial fact finding, conflict intervention and mediation for non-profit or public sector organizations. She also works internationally designing and conducting education and research in negotiation, conflict resolution, reconciliation and international human rights. .... more about Catherine. Contact Catherine at Lampion Pacific Law Corporation.

Paul Scambler BA, LLB, QC

Paul Scambler Paul G. Scambler's has extensive experience in law practice, including secured transactions, wills and estates, elder-care law, real property, and dispute resolution. He has advised numerous businesses and non-profit organizations in Canada, including faith-based organizations and social services organizations. After retiring as senior partner at Clay and Company in Victoria, he now serves there as associate counsel... more about Paul. Contact Paul at Lampion Pacific Law Corporation.

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